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Arrest of Senior Huawei Executive Steps Up U.S.-China Confrontation

The arrest of a senior executive of networking-gear maker Huawei Technologies Co. intensifies the confrontation in the already divisive China-U.S. negotiations on trade, striking at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitions to make the country a tech superpower.?

Oil Slides After OPEC Delays Decision on Level of Output Cuts

OPEC members on agreed to production curbs but will wait to hear from Russia before making a final decision on the exact amount the cartel would cut to address falling oil prices.

North Korea Expands Long-Range Missile Base

North Korea is expanding military facilities thought to house long-range missiles that can hit the U.S., according to a think-tank report that revives doubts about the regime’s sincerity in disarmament negotiations.

Talks to End War in Yemen Begin Under U.S. Pressure

Yemen’s government and Houthi rebels begin U.S.-backed talks Thursday to end a nearly four-year war that has left thousands dead and pushed millions to the brink of starvation.

In Tanzania, a Crackdown Sends LGBT People Into Hiding

A crackdown on LGBT rights in Tanzania has forced people into hiding and sparked an international backlash.

Two American Military Aircraft Collide off Japanese Coast

Two Marines were rescued, and a joint Japanese-U.S. search-and-rescue operation continued for the other five Marines.

Pope to Continue Muslim Outreach With U.A.E. Visit

Pope Francis will visit Abu Dhabi in early February, continuing the outreach to the Muslim world that has been a signature theme of his pontificate.

Putin Threatens Arms Race as U.S. Prepares to Exit Nuclear Treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the prospect of an arms race with the U.S. in response to Washington’s announcement that it could withdraw from a nuclear pact.

German Conservatives Warn on Russian Pipeline Project

The three main contenders to succeed Angela Merkel as chairwoman of Germany’s largest political party have called for a review of a gas pipeline between Germany and Russia, potentially putting the party at odds with the chancellor’s government.

'I Think I've Been Shot': Nighttime Raid in Afghanistan Reveals New U.S. Strategy

American commanders see each battlefield win as a means of strengthening the allied position in peace negotiations. The escalation leads to greater risks to troops, especially in house-to-house raids occurring across the country.

Former Archbishop Has Conviction for Hiding Child Sex Abuse Quashed

A senior Catholic official convicted of concealing child sex abuse has successfully appealed his case and will walk free, in a blow to the global campaign alleging pedophilia coverups in the church.

Bank of Canada's Poloz Vows Rate Rises to Be 'Data Dependent'

Bank of Canada Gov. Stephen Poloz said the benchmark interest rate will need to move upward but the pace of future increases “will remain decidedly data dependent” given global risks and lower energy prices.


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