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U.K.'s May Faces Uphill Battle to Win Brexit Concessions

The EU won’t reopen a hard-fought deal on the Brexit, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, but British Prime Minister Theresa May later insisted she was picking up support from fellow leaders to soften the deal to gain critical support at home.

Europe's Divisions Pose Rising Threat to Governments

The U.K. government’s pratfalls over Brexit show one thing still unites London with the continent: the growing difficulty of governing Western European nations in which new schisms have made it hard to find a majority for any way forward.

China Moves to Address U.S. Economic Concerns

Beijing agrees to reduce auto tariffs and buy more American products, but key differences remain, as Washington prepares to add fresh pressure on Beijing.

Huawei's Meng Wanzhou Granted Bail by Canadian Judge

Huawei Technologies Co.’s finance chief must reside at Vancouver homes and adhere to curfew while awaiting a decision on her extradition to the U.S.

Gunman in Strasbourg Kills Three People Near Christmas Market

A gunman killed three people in a suspected terror attack near a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg, striking a blow in the heart of Europe.

Macron, Facing Protests, Departs From EU Fiscal Strictures

French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to defuse antigovernment protests with tax cuts risks bending EU budget rules, threatening to anger other countries in the bloc that complain France gets special treatment.

Japan Unveils Plan for First Aircraft Carrier Since World War II

A draft of a new national defense plan says Japan should convert an existing flat-topped destroyer into a ship capable of launching short-takeoff jet fighters such as American F-35Bs.

Banks, a Food Wholesaler---Even a Condom Factory: Brazil's Government Is Big Business

President-elect Jair Bolsonaro vows to make cuts to Brazil’s bloated, indebted state—and the fate of an array of government-owned companies hangs in the balance.

Iraqi Who Once Killed Americans Is a U.S. Dilemma as He Gains Political Power

Washington weighs whether to sanction Iran-backed politician Qais al-Khazali in Iraq as it moves to check Tehran’s power across the Mideast.

EU-Led Group Poised to Answer U.S. Complaints on WTO

The U.S. and the European Union are squaring off at the World Trade Organization in a conflict that threatens to cripple the global trade watchdog.

India Names Former Public Servant as Central Bank Governor

India named Shaktikanta Das, a former civil servant, as the governor of its central bank a day after his predecessor resigned following months of tensions with a government that has pushed to loosen restrictions on bank lending with a general election looming next year.


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