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Scandal Over Dead Journalist Jolts Heir to Saudi Throne

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, secure for now, is scrambling to contain global backlash over the killing of government critic Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate.

Migrants Stranded at Mexico's Southern Border Consider Their Options

Hundreds of Honduran migrants stranded at a Guatemalan border crossing with Mexico began to return home, while others sought to cross the muddy river that divides the two countries in a desperate attempt to continue their march north.

China Finds Big-Ticket Spending Is a Road to Nowhere

Beijing is trying to kick its habit of using big-ticket stimulus spending on infrastructure, a turning point from a growth model that has left many Chinese cities adorned with empty high-rises and underused highways.

China's Export Engine Likely to Cool, Further Slowing Growth

As China’s economic growth weakens faster than expected and uncertainty from the trade fight with the U.S. casts a shadow over business, a surprising driver has been exports. But that may soon peter out.

Defense Chiefs Seek Friendlier Skies Over Asia's Military Flashpoints

Eighteen nations including the U.S. and China agreed to sign up to guidelines governing potentially dangerous encounters by military aircraft, a step toward stabilizing flashpoints but one that leaves enough wiggle room to ignore the new standards when a country wants.

Australia's Ruling Party Suffers Serious Setback

A parliamentary by-election defeat is seen leading to increased pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s conservative government.

U.S. May Sail Through Taiwan Strait, Provoking China

The U.S. military is considering sailing ships through the Strait of Taiwan, sending a message to the Chinese about its right to travel those and any international waters, two U.S. officials said.

Najib's Former Deputy Charged as Malaysia Graft Probes Bite

Malaysia charged a former deputy prime minister with breaking money-laundering and corruption laws as Mahathir Mohamad’s government steps up investigations into graft allegations plaguing the former administration.

Tourists Are Boldly Going Into African Trouble Spots

A Gabonese gambit is at the leading edge of a trend attracting a growing list of African economies: frontier-tourism products in places that visitors often more-closely associate with conflict or instability.

'Crimea's Columbine': Massacre Draws Comparisons to U.S. Shootings

The death toll in a shooting-and-bombing rampage at a Crimea college campus rose to 20 as grisly details emerged about an attack that drew comparisons to school shootings in the U.S.

Free More Dissidents, U.S. Asks Vietnam, After 'Mother Mushroom' Is Released

The U.S. government wants more political prisoners in Vietnam released after authorities there freed “Mother Mushroom,” a prominent dissident, following Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s visit this week.


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