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New England Patriots Owner Charged With Soliciting Prostitution

Robert Kraft is facing charges of soliciting prostitution, one of 25 people swept up in a multicity investigation into human trafficking in the South Florida spa business, police said.

R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sex Abuse

R&B singer R. Kelly was charged with criminal sexual abuse against three underage girls and one woman, authorities said.

Sackler Sought to Avoid Comparison of OxyContin to Morphine, Documents Show

A former Purdue Pharma LP executive and member of the company’s controlling family worked to ensure its top-selling pain medication OxyContin didn’t develop the end-of-life reputation of morphine.

Virginia GOP Lawmakers to Ask Fairfax, Accusers to Testify

Republicans in Virginia said they planned to invite Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and two women who have accused him of sexual assault to testify before a legislative committee, a move that drew criticism from Mr. Fairfax and his fellow Democrats.

Is There a Link Between a Decline in U.S. Births and Abortion?

Some readers have asked whether abortion is responsible for a recent decline in U.S. fertility. The short answer is: No.

Where the Mueller Report Stands---and What Could Happen Next

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on Russian election interference won’t be released next week, but he is widely believed to be in the final stages of his sprawling probe. A look at where the case stands and what could happen next.

U.S. to Revamp Strategy for Exiting Syria

The U.S. military began to revamp its strategy in Syria, after President Trump decided to shift course and keep several hundred American troops in the country instead of pulling them all out after Islamic State has been defeated.

China Trade Talks Extended as Trump Pushes to Close Deal

President Trump, citing progress in U.S.-China trade talks, said he is looking at extending a deadline to raise tariffs and hoping to meet next month with Chinese leader Xi Jinping to complete a broad trade agreement.

Trump Administration Curbs Funding for Clinics Providing Abortions

Health clinics that provide on-site abortions, or refer women for the procedure, are set to lose millions of dollars in federal family-planning funds, according to a new Trump administration rule.

Democratic Governors Push for State-Tax Reversal

Eight states led by Democratic governors launched a campaign to pressure the Trump administration to reconsider a measure in the 2017 tax overhaul that high-tax states say has led to a sharp revenue decline.

Manhattan Prosecutors Pursuing Charges Against Manafort

Prosecutors in New York are pursuing criminal charges against Paul Manafort, raising the possibility that the former Trump campaign chairman could face legal liability even if the president pardons him of multiple federal crimes.

Trump to Nominate Kelly Craft as U.N. Envoy

President Trump said he would nominate U.S. ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft to lead the U.S. mission to the United Nations.

California GOP Gets Ready to Vote on Trump

California’s Republicans will gather for their spring convention this weekend to decide whether the path to a comeback lies in minimizing their relationship with President Trump or strengthening it.

Unusual Alliance Leads Congestion-Pricing Movement

The push for congestion pricing in New York has created a coalition of strange bedfellows, and its biggest funders—major real-estate developers and Uber Technologies—are planning a final blitz as state budget negotiations intensify.


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