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President Trump to pull US from Russia missile treaty

President Trump said the US will "terminate" a landmark 1987 deal over alleged Russian violations.

US tourists die as Costa Rica rafts capsize

Four US tourists die and a local tourist is missing after a rafting accident on a swollen river.

New York witches place hex on Brett Kavanaugh

Across the country, exorcist Father Gary Thomas said a prayer in a bid to counter the hex.

Jamal Khashoggi death: Trump 'not satisfied' with Saudi account

Saudi Arabia's claim that journalist Jamal Khashoggi died in a fight meets scepticism.

Selma Blair: Cruel Intentions star reveals MS diagnosis

Selma Blair shared the news in an emotional Instagram post, saying the news was "overwhelming".

Payton Summons: Girl at centre of life support battle in Texas dies

The nine-year-old Texan, said by doctors to be brain dead, "passed naturally", her parents say.

US Mega Millions lottery jackpot hits record $1.6bn

The Mega Millions competition hits a record sum after failing to produce a jackpot winner since July.

Russian woman charged with attempted US election meddling

The St Petersburg woman is the first to be charged with interfering in the US mid-terms elections.

Jayme Closs: Nationwide search for 13-year-old after parents murdered

The FBI believes the girl, who has been missing since Monday, witnessed the murder and is endangered.

Migrant caravan halted by Mexico police on Guatemala border

Thousands of people, many from Honduras, faced Mexican riot police as they tried to cross the border.

Man 'fought snakes' to survive after falling down 100ft mineshaft

The Arizona man fell down an abandoned mineshaft and went for two days without food or water.

Toxic masculinity: Life as a man isn’t always easy either

Men on social media open up about how toxic masculinity negatively affects them.

Hurricane Michael: Returning to a city that no longer exists

Families from Mexico Beach are returning to homes destroyed by Hurricane Michael - or nothing at all.

Obamacare: The big election issue that's not Trump

Healthcare is always ranked as a crucial issue by voters in these mid-terms - is the system really broken?

How California is changing the US

In privacy law, marijuana and minimum wage, California is shaping national debate.

Legal cannabis in Canada: Should pot convicts get amnesty?

As cannabis becomes legal, 500,000 people with possession convictions want their records expunged.

US mid-terms: The most surprising candidates

A cage fighter, female fighter pilot and Miss America. Who says politicians are boring?

Would you eat slaughter-free meat?

There's a looming crisis over the world's appetite for meat. This chicken nugget may be the answer.

Was Bill Clinton's Lewinsky affair an 'abuse of power'?

Some say Hillary Clinton's comments about her husband's affair are at odds with the #MeToo movement.

Your US mid-term elections daily digest

Today's round-up includes many, many Pelosis. So many Pelosis. A plethora of Pelosis. Plus a game!

Painting of Trump among past presidents seen at White House

The painting of Trump with past presidents was spotted at the White House during a TV interview

US and the British royals: The fascination explained

An exhibition of royal portraiture has come to Texas from London, offering clues to a longstanding fascination.

I've been an ‘abortion doula’ 2,000 times

Doulas support women during childbirth, but in New York The Doula Project helps women through abortions too.

Canada cannabis legalisation: ‘We know the world is watching’

Four "ganjapreneurs" in Canada give their take on legalised cannabis.

Matthew Shepard to be interred 20 years after brutal murder

The killing of Matthew Shepard, who was beaten and left tied to a fence, led to changes in US law.

Widowed bride's final photos with her groom

Jessica and Kendall were due to marry but when he was killed, she didn't cancel their plans.

US shies away from calling China a currency manipulator

The US Treasury held back from blaming Beijing for holding down the value of China's currency.

Trump moves to quit 144-year-old postal treaty

The White House says postal rates set via the 144-year-old pact give China an 'unfair' advantage.

Canada becomes second country to legalise recreational cannabis

The country becomes only the second nation in the world, after Uruguay, to legalise recreational use.

Two Americas, only 30 miles apart

As US mid-term elections near, Rajini Vaidyanathan takes a look at America's political divisions.

Migrant caravan: 'May God soften Trump's heart'

Thousands of Central American migrants are stuck at the Mexico-Guatemala border hoping to make it to the US.

Cardi B hands out free winter coats in Brooklyn

Fans of the rapper queue for hours for the clothing as well as for selfies with the star.

Poralia rufescens jellyfish spotted off coast of California

The Poralia rufescens is swimming off the coast of southern California in the Pacific Ocean.

Melania Trump's flight forced to land after smoke fills plane cabin

Melania Trump was flying to Philadelphia when the plane was forced to land.

Guy-Blache: The untold story of first female film director

Actor Jodie Foster talks about the work of Alice Guy-Blache, who made her first film in 1896.

Canada cashes in on legal cannabis

The legalisation of cannabis in Canada could have a huge impact on the country's economy.

Chicken nuggets grown in a lab

Can chicken nuggets grown in a lab actually taste like... well... chicken? The BBC's James Cook put JUST's chicken to the test.

President Trump given 'flat denial' by Saudi King over disappearance of journalist

The US president says King Salman denies all knowledge of the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Edward Curtis: Was this the most ambitious photo project ever?

Edward S Curtis spent years living with Native American tribes to chronicle their lives, in a project that took decades.


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